BTSP Policies and Guidelines:
The Focus of the North Carolina Beginning Teacher Support Program Monitoring:

The Regional Education Facilitators monitor and guide LEAs and Charters as they provide quality induction programs that nurture and support the professional growth of a beginning teacher. The work of this team is to ensure that State Board of Education policies (LICN-004, EVAL-004, and LICN-014) are understood and implemented at the local level. Program webinars for beginning teacher coordinators, quarterly IHE/ LEA collaborative meetings, annual Peer Reviews with critical friends, and continuous professional development allow each stakeholder to stay abreast of current policy while building networks and professional relationships. These networks establish avenues for support from teacher preparation programs through the three year induction period in an LEA/ Charter. A five-year program monitoring cycle ensures compliance with State Board policy for induction and evaluation requirements. Program monitoring is not intended to be punitive yet to provide avenues for assistance and growth as each LEA and charter school in the state of North Carolina works toward meeting state guidelines. Data collected from these monitoring visits serve as a catalyst for support in terms of technical assistance and professional development.

Beginning Teacher Support Program Handbook:

State Board Policy for Beginning Teachers:

State Board policy outlines Beginning Teacher Support Standards for Traditional and Lateral Entry Teachers. According to policy, every LEA and Charter School must have an approved Beginning Teacher Support Plan on file. The BTSP plan incorporates the three year induction period and evaluation requirements. A template is provided to guide coordinators in the development and approval of the BTSP plan.

Policy establishing the Teacher Performance Appraisal process EVAL-004:

Policy on licenses for non- teacher education graduates LICN-014:

NC BTSP Standards

BTSP Peer Review Process:

In order to assist LEAs/ Charters in progressing along the Beginning Teacher Support Program continuum to provide the highest quality support to beginning teachers, LEAs and Charters with approved BTSP plans participate in a regionally-based annual peer review and support system. The Peer Review Process is on a 5 year cycle that is conducted annually, concluding with a formal review after the 5th year. LEAs/Charters complete a Self-Assessment of their programs. During the year, LEAs/Charters are partnered with a critical friend to review their Beginning Teacher Support Programs. During the Peer Review, LEAs/Charters provide information on each standard and element as it pertains to their specific program and share artifacts as evidence to support their level of proficiency. By the 5th year, LEA/Charter programs are expected to show growth on all the standards and elements listed on the Peer Review rubric. If not, the LEA/Charter will receive additional support from DPI to assist in the growth of the LEA/Charter beginning teacher support program.

Peer Review Forms:

Link to Standard One Sample Evidences:
Link to the LEAs Strategies for Standard One:
Link to the Charters Strategies for Standard One:
Link to Standard Two Sample
Link to Standard Three Sample

BTSP Monitoring:

LEA/Charter Beginning Teacher Support Programs are monitored every 5th year for compliance with State Board policies LICN-004, EVAL-004 and GS 115C-333. The monitoring process includes a review of 30% of the LEA/Charter BT files which shows evidence of BT participation in a 3 year induction period that includes documentation of the following: required observations and evaluations, assigned a mentor, provided an orientation, completed professional development plan, North Carolina Educator Evaluation training/orientation, and professional development opportunities. Additional documentation includes the LEA/Charter BTSP Plan, evidence that mentors have received training on the most recent mentor standards, and examples of mentor/mentee engagement. The goal is to be proficient on all the elements listed under each standard. If an element is not checked under Developing or Proficient, the LEA/Charter will receive a work plan they complete that identifies the strategies the LEA/Charter will employ to improve the listed Areas of Concern.
These documents will be reviewed during your Monitoring pre visit and utilized during the actual BTSP Monitor
BTSP Monitoring Instrument:

LEA/ Charter Checklist:BTSP Monitoring Sample Evidences: BTSP Mentor Tally Sheet:BTSP BT Tally Sheet:

Technical Assistance: LEA/Charter Technical Assistance occurs within 12 months of the monitoring visit if Areas of Concern were noted during the monitoring visit. Areas of Concern are those elements not checked under the Developing or Proficient columns. The LEA/Charter receives a work plan to complete that identifies the Areas of Concern, their strategies to improve, and resources they might need to achieve proficiency. The Regional Education Facilitator contacts the LEA/Charter to review their submitted work plan and is available for support or works to access support needed for the LEA/Charter. Work Plan Template:

General Support: