Support Tools for Beginning Teachers


#NCed chat is a bi-weekly Twitter chat for North Carolina educators and others who are interested in or invested in education. #NCed Chat will provide an opportunity for North Carolina educators to grow and develop their personal learning network (PLN) by connecting to other NC educators throughout the state . The chat will create a forum for North Carolina educators to come together once every other week in a public Twitter conversation around topics that pertain to their work and connect with other educators with similar interests. The chats will be primarily moderated by school and district level practitioners. By incorporating the NC Department of Public Instruction into the chats, NCDPI can receive real-time feedback from educators across the state on issues that they are facing and best practices that are yielding positive results. Additionally, incorporating NCDPI into the chats will allow NCDPI to provide expert insight into issues, strategies, resources, etc. that are being shared and discussed in the chat. The chat is not intended to be a NCDPI responsibility, but instead it is intended to be a peer sharing approach for NC educators that NCDPI can supplement.The schedule of upcoming chats and an archive of past chats can be found on the Schedule & Archives page.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 2.27.30 PM.pngLearn NC New Teacher Support

LEARN NC is here to help. We’ll help you find the resources, support, ideas, and advice you need to make your classroom the rewarding, positive learning environment you want it to be. We won’t pretend that it will be easy — but we will promise that it will be worth the effort.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 2.31.38 PM.pngEdutopia Resource Toolkit for New Teachers

From classroom management to working with parents, lesson planning to learning environments, this compilation of blogs, videos, and other resources provides an array of tips and advice for teachers just starting out.


New Teacher support wiki:

A wiki designed specifically for the beginning teacher. Resources and references include: Classroom management techniques, substitute plans, parent conference tips, top technology sites, as well as lesson plan design and activities.


Understanding the TPACK model
for your classroom:

Educators who exhibit best practices with technology are creative, flexible, and adapt in ways which enable them to navigate the constraints, affordances, and interactions within TPACK framework. True TPACK integration is a thoughtful approach in which educators understand how to relate concepts with technologies, demonstrate creative pedagogical practice, and facilitate learning and skills development with a learner centered approach through technology use.

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Home Base Professional Development opportunities:

The Professional Educator: An Ethics Guide for North Carolina Teachers State Board policy TCP-C-014 defines the code of ethics for all North Carolina educators. The purpose of this code of ethics is to set standards of professional conduct. This module reviews these standards for all teachers. This is also an essential tool for beginning teachers’ and lateral entry teachers’ growth and development. This module should take approximately 10 hours to complete and will be worth 1 CEU on completion.

NC Teacher Evaluation: Understanding the Process This module explores the steps of the NC Educator Evaluation Process, including self-assessment, goal-setting, observations and conferencing, planning professional development, and summary evaluations. (0.5 CEU)

NC Professional Teaching Standards: The demands of 21st-century education have required new roles for teachers in their classrooms and schools. The North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards define what teachers need to know and do to teach students in the 21st century. This module explores the teacher standards, their elements, and the rating scales for each element. (1.0 CEU)

Developing and Maintaining a Positive Learning Environment in Your Classroom: This module offers strategies that will enable teachers to shape the management of their classrooms by building relationships with students, establishing procedures, and planning lessons. Beginning teachers who have completed a teacher preparation program as well as those who are entering the profession via alternative routes will benefit from this module. It will also help veteran teachers who would like to refresh their management techniques. (1.0 CEU)

scholatstics.jpeg Scholastics 25 Best Websites for Teachers:

A website geared to providing teachers with resources they can use to meet the diverse needs of the classroom.