Mentor Training Information
Maintaining a supportive and nurturing environment is KEY to the recruitment and retention of beginning teachers. State Board Policy,LICN-004, ensures that each beginning teacher is guaranteed the support of a mentor trained on the North Carolina Mentor Standards during the crucial first years.

Online Mentor Training is available:
This training is intended to prepare new mentors on the North Carolina Mentor Standards.Teachers complete the 10
hours of training on their own time or through a PLC.

To access in Home Base, use the following steps:
The Module is located under: 21st Century Mentoring

Certificates can be printed once the training is complete for course verification using the following steps:

Mentor Module overview:

Mentor Handbook:
This handbook contains an explanation of the 5 North Carolina Mentor Standards and the Mentor Continuum. Each Standard is broken down into elements with examples of support to be provided. The Self Assessment can be utilized for mentor reflection and growth tool.

Mentor Standards:
There are five main Standards that align with the North Carolina Educators Evaluation Standards to assist mentors in their professional support for beginning teachers.

Mentor Training Power Point:
This power point pdf accompanies the North Carolina Mentor Training. An LEA/ Charter may use the Train the Trainer approach. Regional Education facilitators are also available for training.

Regional Education Facilitators are available for update trainings and refreshers.
Resources to Support Successful Mentors: